15.4-inch Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop LCD Screen

Published: 02nd September 2010
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To be honest, laptop LCD screen is not changed so often as AC adapter. and the price of 1520 LCD Screen is much more expensive than laptop adapter. But things are always out of our control, you should know how to find the exact screen when you got your screen broken.

So how to get a suitable screen for the laptop? Like my dell inspiron 1520 LCD Screen got too many scratches because of my two kitties. Then I check my laptopís part number of the original old screen.

Generally, most people have no idea of¬ the part number of the¬ screens, because it Ďs under the laptop screen and you need to remove it out of the laptop. So if you are not clear about your laptop screen and you need to buy a brand new one, you should remove your old screen out of the laptop and check the part number on the back of the screen. The part number is like CP218226-02. After you get the part number of your laptop screen, you can search on the Internet with the part number. Then you can check the other details with your screen.

one more important information that you also need to know is the Size. If you find that the part number and the model number of the laptop screen are all suitable for your laptop, the item is mostly the exact laptop screen you need. But to avoid any other trouble may disturbs you after you buy the screen, please check¬ other information as Size, Resolution, Backlight Type, Data connector, connector location (right or left)on the website with your laptop and laptop screen. And my dell is 15.4 inch 1520 LCD Screen; I got one at a very reasonable price.

Next time you can use this way to find one for your laptop if there is an accident of your screen.

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