A Key Fell Off Laptop Keyboard

Published: 24th August 2010
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How to handle with the laptop keyboard when one or two keys are destroyed? Here is a good way to replace it and you don't have to change a new keyboard. One of my friends introduces me this way to replace the bad key by accident. For his gateway MX6454 Laptop Keyboard got a key off the keyboard, now he said it's no problem to use that letter. Here share with you, just for reference.

When you face this problem, it's not wise to change for a new laptop keyboard because of only one key.My friend spend about 40 dollars for his MX6454 Laptop Keyboard.there is another way to make it up. You can use software solutions to have it re-work. There is software named RemapKey, which is virtually a "savior" for the keyboard. It can change the location of the keyboard keys. That is to say, when a button on the keyboard is broken, it can let another seldom used button to replace it. And it's also very simple to operate. Just download this software from the website and operate it. There will be a notice "replacement of the keyboard". The upper column shows the original keys, whereas the lower part is the replaced distribution of the keys. Generally, the keyboard has two "Shift" buttons, so you can use the left "Shift" key instead of the broken key. Drag the broken key letter in the upper column to the "shift" key of the lower part. Then you will see the "shift" key turns into red "X (the broken key)". So save and restart your laptop. You will see the broken key can be used again at the "shift" position. Later when using the broken button, you can use the keyboard on the left of the "Shift" key instead.

Does this sound very interesting? Just for reference because I never tried this software and my laptop keyboard is always working well. If you want to save money, take care of your laptop. That's the point!

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