Truth: Computer Radiation is More Serious and direct

Published: 04th April 2011
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Rumors say that nuclear radiation cloud has flowed to the European countries this week due to the leakage of Japan nuclear plants. Some people are anxious about the radioactive materials. Actually, the radioactive material exists everywhere. When hearing the radiation, people become serious as if it is a kind of infectious disease. The truth is that the amount of the radioactive material is very low, which canít compete with that of the computer radiation.

The confusion is that why people pay no attention to the computer radiation. Commonly, most people sit in front of the computer/laptop for more than 10 hours per day, according to an investigation of the office workers. The modern working style canít be finished without a computer. Besides computer, printer, fax and other electronic gadgets are wildly used in the office. They are essential gadgets for people of the new era people. Unlike the TV set, people sit very close to the computer display. And the radiation from LCD screen panels is surely harmful to our health. This is been proved by the scientists for a long time. Besides the radiation, there are other diseases caused by long time working facing the computer. Some people suffer the psychological diseases at the same time. As to the computer radiation, it is consistent and unconscious for the computer users. When you realize it, there is no make-up. That is why more and more people turn to get freckles at an early age.

As a consequence, though the nuclear radioactive minerals might be taken to other areas by the clouds and wind, the dose is too small to threaten the health of peopleís life and health. If you are suspicious at this point, why not worry about the ultraviolet rays at summer? It is more serious by comparing with the radioactive mineral this time. According to the scientistís report, when it reaches to 1 Gy, people will get injured and have some sequelaes. And the result from the official is far below this standard. This event really gets the nerve of the public.

As a result, there are some taboos on food and lifestyle and so on. Despite of the local people, the effect of this leakage is countless for the neighborhood countries. We should pay more attention to the computer radiation.† It is more serious and direct as we have close contact with it. So it is better to take a rest after long time staring at the laptop screen. More tips, which is easily found at the internet, should be followed in daily work.

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